Efficiency and safety

Feeligold face and body care combine natural formulae, targeted ingredients and cutting-edge technology which help boost treatments’ efficiency.

« Today, we are thrilled to present concrete applications for our pioneering research on skin micro-stimulation mechanisms and photodynamic therapy. Our beauty rituals mix pleasure and technology for increased efficiency and total safety. Many more fascinating projects are already underway to shape the beauty of the future – and all are 100% made in France! »

Christophe Bianchi,
President and founder of Feeligold and Feeligreen Laboratories.

Feeligold: Active-rich formulae and natural ingredients

For its lightly textured and subtly fragrant formulae, Feeligold uses nature’s most efficient active ingredients to target various cosmetic needs. Manufactured in our laboratories in the South of France, our beauty care is made of at least 82% natural ingredients.

Some of the active ingredients used in Feeligold face and body care:

  • CytobiolTM Iris A2 helps reduce the skin’s oiliness

  • Mandelic acid helps fight darks spots

  • Hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin and fills out wrinkles

  • Cherry extract helps stimulate the fibroblasts

  • Immortelle extract has an anti-ageing effect

  • Natural cucumber extract helps purify the skin

Security guaranteed by our patents and the “Beauty Made in France” label

The Feeligold cosmetics brand relies on the R&D expertize of Feeligreen Laboratories. Since 2012, nine patents have been secured to protect our innovations in micro-current technologies and light therapy. Years of research have led us to develop a new approach to cosmetic devices, producing remarkable beauty results.

We are committed to promoting the Beauty Made in France label and creating a network of predominantly French partners and suppliers. We guarantee French-made quality and certified places origin for all of our products.

The Beauty Made in France label is a widely recognised plus among consumers, both across France and worldwide!

Efficiency proven through clinical testing

Feeligold is committed to producing proven beauty results. All of our technologies and formulae are tested in our laboratories to guarantee the safety of our cosmetic product lines. Our patents help us legitimise and protect our innovations and the efficiency of our products is tested by certified clinical research organisations.

Feeligreen Laboratories

In 2012 Christophe Bianchi, PhD in electronics and MBA graduate at London’s Imperial College founded Feeligreen, an innovative company that is part of French-Tech Côte d’Azur. His team of microelectronics, nanotechnology and formulation experts also collaborate with the public research laboratories, such as Nice Côte d’Azur University, as well as with private partners from the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Feeligreen is currently working on various applications of iontophoresis and light therapy for the cosmetic and medical industries. The aim: to constantly boost the efficiency of its active ingredients by optimising their skin penetration properties. This start-up company has secured 9 patents and received a great number of awards: from the “Internet of Things” award at Digital In-Pulse organised by HUAWEI and the jury prize at Cosmetic360 for its i-feel BEAUTY range to the 2017 Wabel Best Innovation in Home and Personal Care Award for its LE PATCH product.