Anti-imperfections global care set

i-feel BEAUTY BLEU 490

A cutting-edge beauty ritual with purifying proven results! BLEU 490 purifying anti-imperfection face care is used in combination with the Activ’feel to boost the penetration of active ingredients.

Made with CytobiolTM Iris A2 and cucumber. Apply the smooth and fresh cream to the entire face before using the Activ’feel.

The device uses micro-stimulation mechanisms and light therapy to boost collagen and elastin production.

– Tightens the skin’s pores
– Reduces spots and redness
– Visibly reduce shininess/oiliness
Clinically proven results.

i-feel BEAUTY BLEU 490 Anti-imperfections global care set contains:
– 1 Activ’feel device
– 20 ml of i-feel BEAUTY BLEU 490 Anti-imperfections global care
– 1 charging cradle & power chord
– Instructions for use


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  • Light therapy
  • Micro-stimulation
  • Use with the Activ’feel