First wrinkles Box

i-feel PRECISION ROSE 405 & Face mask LE PATCH Butterfly & the Flower mint mist

From the age of 25 the epidermis loses its elasticity and the first wrinkles appear. The Feeligold First Wrinkles Box is THE solution to fight the first signs of ageing. This box contains an anti-wrinkles skin corrector concentrated with natural ingredients (a mix of argireline, hyaluronic acid and immortelle extract for a smoothing, moisturizing and anti-wrinkles action on your skin), a face mask LE PATCH Butterfly and the Feeligold Flower mint mist for an instant glow.

– Reduces lines and wrinkles
– Smoothes out the skin
– Instant Glow
Clinically proven results.

The First Wrinkles Box contains:
30 ml of i-feel PRECISION ROSE 405
A face mask LE PATCH Butterfly
50 ml of the Flower mint mist


  • Light therapy
  • Micro-stimulation


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