My Essential Box 2 Full masks+ 1 mist

Anti-wrinkle & Coup d’Eclat face masks set

This box combines 2 LE PATCH face masks and the Feeligold floral Mist. This skin care is the ideal solution to restore your skin’s glow and reduce wrinkles.
LE PATCH Full Mask covers the entire face for an all-round beauty result.

Its specific technology based on micro-currents of a very low intensity, associated with the purifying and tonfying beneficial effects of the Feeligold floral mint Mist, activates the synthesis of collagen and elastin for a plumping effect.

– Decreases wrinkles
– Decreases wrinkles
– Relaxes facial features
– Reduces shadows under the eyes
– Restores your skin’s glow
Clinically proven results.
Do not use on very sensitive skin.

2 disposable masks + 1 floral mint mist.



  • Micro-stimulation


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