Stick to your New Year’s resolutions with i-feel SPORT care

4…3…2…1… HAPPY NEW YEAAAR!!!! According to a study by Ipsos*, “getting back into shape” ranks third on the list of top resolutions, behind “taking more time to relax” and “spending time with friends and family”. However, most resolutions – especially those involving workouts – are rarely kept for very long: on the 1st of January, motivation levels are at their peak; you’re pumped full of energy like Hussein Bolt on the starting blocks of the 100 meters. Fast-forward one month: your great resolutions are nowhere in sight and your workout is but a faded memory… But this year, you can leave your bad habits and lack of motivation behind! If you’ve decided to get (back) into shape, i-feel SPORT will help you turn your resolution into a true lifestyle.

Make sure you’re all good to go

Before undertaking any kind of sporting activity, it’s important to have your doctor check that you are in an appropriate physical condition.

Get your body ready to work out

A healthy diet, regular hydration and stable sleep patterns are the three keys for avoiding fatigue and injuries. Depending on what sports you practice and how intense they are, it is important to adapt your intake and your sleep so as to provide your body with all of the energy it needs.

Warm up before training

Never rush into an intense physical activity. Your body can’t handle too much strain yet and you could get hurt quite easily. Warming up beforehand is essential to stay motivated and to ace your training.
Before each session, apply the i-feel SPORT ROUGE 630 global heating care on the zones that will be affected by your training. This will stimulate and warm up your skin before you start.

Take care of your skin after training

It is important to stretch after your workout. This will help prevent the oh! so-painful stiffness which (often) makes you regret having put yourself through such a challenge in the first place. After all that effort, you can also treat your body to a bit of freshness. Did you know that rugby players take an ice bath after each match? Our i-feel SPORT BLEU 470 global cryo care offers optimum post-workout recuperation by refreshing and relaxing the body. This gel is enriched with menthol and mint essential oil, offering the skin an icy fresh sensation and helping you avoid painful stiffness on the days following your workout.

Avoid heavy legs

After an intense workout, your legs may feel heavy. This can reduce your mobility and even cause pain over several days. To help limit this sensation, make sure you drink plenty of fluids after your workout session to eliminate the toxins and don’t forget to stretch. The i-feel SPORT VERT 520 global after sport care, complemented by using the Activ’feel device, will help reduce the heavy sensation in your legs thanks to its soothing effect.

Sculpt your figure

Sculpt your figure, with particular focus on the zones you may consider ungraceful, using i-feel SPORT JAUNE 580 global thinning care. It will help restore your skin’s firmness and suppleness.

Bonus tip:

To guarantee optimal effects, complement your i-feel SPORT care by using the Activ’feel device. Activ’feel acts as an efficiency booster by emitting bipolar micro-currents and by using photodynamic treatment. You’re now ready to tie up your new running shoes and to put on your trendy matching sports outfit! We wish you all a great workout!

*Sources: Study carried out by Ipsos via Internet from 12 to 16 December 2016 on a group of 1,802 participants, constituting a representative national sample of the French population aged 15 and over.