Electro-beauty under the tree!

The approach of Christmas sends us all out on a hunt for the perfect gift. One that will leave a lasting memory, or will finally satisfy Uncle Albert, or that our mother-in-law will not secretly take back to the shop! Mission impossible? Not at all! Just head for the electro-beauty department!

Electro-what? In the term “electro-beauty”, we hear “beauty”, which is reassuring. But the thought of electronics in our cosmetics may sound strange – and even put some people off!

Electro-beauty is the term given to an innovative category of beauty products that is expanding practically unnoticed: razors, hair removers, hair dryers, cleansing brushes, etc. These new devices are crowding onto our bathroom shelves. You, too, without realising it, already own electro-beauty devices! They started by tackling cleansing, and are now finally addressing the problems we have with wrinkles, spots and cellulite. Another term is “electro-cosmetics” or “instrumental cosmetics”. These new beauty rituals are anchored in the experience and expertise of professional treatments provided in a beauty salon – only you can do them at home, in peace. There are various techniques: micro-currents, light therapy, laser and even ultra-sound.


Electro-beauty is becoming established in our beauty routines and habits as consumers. It is spreading all over the world! The devices mainly come from Asia and the United States and offer incredible beauty results that are immediately visible. Feeling tempted?

Feeligold is making its mark on this market with a unique device called the Activ’feel. Whilst other companies, even French ones, are sourcing in Asia, French brand Feeligold creates and designs its products in the South of France, on the Technology Park in Sophia-Antipolis. This alone makes the Activ’feel unique on the market!

The device looks futuristic, like a pebble. It is smooth and curved in shape and extremely modern. It emits micro-currents and performs light therapy, promising to boost cosmetic treatments and optimise their beauty results.

How does it work?

Micro-currents act on two levels. On the one hand, they increase the penetration rate of the active principles in the cosmetic, increasing and speeding up their effect. And on the other, they stimulate the fibroblasts in skin that regenerate collagen and elastin. As a result, skin is restructured and looks fuller.

Meanwhile, light therapy , a technology that is very popular in beauty salons, also increases the production of collagen in skin. There are different colours of light; each one can be specifically selected to satisfy the different needs that can arise in skin. Wrinkles or loss of firmness? Red LEDs will be used for their repairing action on skin and their anti-aging benefits. Shiny skin or spots? Blue LEDs are more appropriate here, because they have unique anti-bacterial properties and regulate the production of sebum.

All very thrilling, you may say, but also a bit scary? And does it hurt? Techniques vary from one brand to the next and I can’t speak for other manufacturers, but Feeligold devices have been designed with maximum safety in mind for 100% efficiency and zero pain!

This electro-beauty device benefits from 2 patents, the fruit of research carried out in the Feeligreen labs. They guarantee that the Activ’feel is safe when emitting micro-currents and that it improves the penetration of active principles into the skin. Thorough quality inspections throughout the entire manufacturing process guarantee its safety.

So, might you be tempted by the Activ’feel ? Have you perhaps found the perfect gift?

Use it daily with a face cream or body lotion: one minute for the face, two minutes for the body. It’s fast and effective. It’s also nomadic thanks to its autonomy and shape – easy to take away for the week-end or on holiday.

The Activ’feel can be used with an entire range of creams and lotions for face or body. In fact, Feeligold’s 7 choices ensure that everyone will find what they need – or simply want! The Feeligold electro-beauty device is ideal for both women and men , to make you look good, and feel good – after sport, for example.

You can, in fact, select just a single product, the one that targets your needs : wrinkles, imperfections, slimming, preparing for or recuperating after sport, relaxation or body shape.

And last but not least (in case your mind is not yet made up!): at least 87% of the ingredients in all of the creams are of natural origin, with results proven in clinical tests to guarantee real effectiveness and complete safety.

So, to ensure that Uncle Albert and your mother-in-law are happy with their gifts this Christmas, pop some electro-beauty devices that are “Made in France” under the tree!